Можно ли считать математическим маятник, состоящий из нити длиной 10 см и шара радиусом 5 см? Почему?


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Сколько килограммов керосина входит в пятилитровую бутыль?


В таблице приведены нормативы по сгибанию и разгибанию рук в упоре (отжиманиям) для 8 класса. мальчики девочки Отметка «3» «4» «5» «3» «4» «5» Количество отжиманий 15 20 25 9 13 19 Какую отметку получит мальчик, отжавшийся 18 раз?


Из двух сел вышли одновременно навстречу друг другу 2 пешехода.первый шел со скоростью 3 км/ч и до встречи прошел 18 км. с какой скоростью шел второй пешеход. если до встречи он прошел 30 км/ч


.Составить программу, которая вычисляет число x, округленное до ближайшего целого. Вещественное число x вводится с клавиатуры.


Задание № 3 Переведите предложения на русский язык, подчеркнув формы страдательного залога. А. 1. Festivals of folk songs are attended by a lot of people annually. 2. He was elected the Home Minister last year. 3. When much material had been looked through and some problems had been solved, the article was published. 4. Today plastics are being used for car bodies. 5. Its easy to find your way about in New-York, it is laid out so regularly. The streets are well-planned. The streets running north and south are called Avenues and are numbered, for example, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, etc., the streets going east and west are called Streets and are also numbered. B. 1. Thousands of foreign guests are invited every year to attend the Winter Music Festival in Russia. 2. Will the translation be done tomorrow? I hope, it will. 3. When much had been done in the study of ecology by our institute it became an important scientific centre. 4. Today plastics are being widely used instead of metals. 5. Do you know why the White House is white? The story I was told is that in 1812 when England was at war with America, the British captured the City and some of the buildings, including the Capitol and the house of the President, were set on fire. In 1814, in order to hide the marks of the fire, the brown stone walls were painted white - and it has been the White House ever since. C. 1. When was the play staged? - It was staged last year. 2. Im sure a lot of questions will be discussed at the conference. 3. The automatic equipment is being installed in our shop. 4. The construction of this dam has been completed this month. 5. English nowadays is considered to be the most popular language in the world. Its the official language of the U.K., of the U.S.A. and of Australia and New Zealand. Its used as one of the official languages in Canada, the Union of South Africa , and the Irish Republic. It is spoken as a second language by many people in India, Pakistan, and numerous countries in Africa.


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